King Roscoe” was born as Al’Dreco Jones. He has entertained family & friends since he was 2 years old. He was literally the life of the party! He wrote his first song in the third grade at the age of 8. All A Student, Shortly after, he made another hit called Go Kart which receive.

His YouTube channel has received 211,220 views. Throughout his career he dropped many other singles such as “DATZ MY GIRL”.

King Roscoe was aired on America’s Got Talent Season 9, where he received a kiss from Mel B (he was ecstatic)!

With all the hard work and dedication, King Roscoe landed a spot on a show that premier on Lifetime TV called “The Rap Game“(season 3) with Jermaine Dupri.

King Roscoe is grateful for his many blessings, opportunities, and privilege to live his father’s dream (which passed away before he was born) to be a rapper.

His dedication to music is beyond his years. He writes his own music and plans to give the youth something positive to listen to. He has participated in over 100 shows.

King Roscoe took a break for a while but came backs strong and grinds hard to get on The Rap Game. He loves his supporters dearly and their support.