***Contest has Ended***  Congratulations to the Winners

3. Jalaya.zxo  2. Darealshanti   1. NaeNae0952



Here is your chance to hang out with King Roscoe and his Mom all day.  This is guaranteed to be a day full of fun. Have lunch at one of Atlanta’s most popular food destinations. Then do a photo shoot with a professional photographer. Get treated like Royalty!  You can ask King Roscoe and his Mom about anything you like!

Contest ends on Feb 14th at 6PM eastern.  Winners will be announced on Feb 14th at 9pm Eastern.

Just Follow the directions on the Flyer and enter your info below.

*winner must provide their own transportation to Atlanta.
*Under 18 requires parent’s approval before issuing prizes


29 thoughts on “Valentine Contest

  1. Yo famm i should winn tbh we ft a lot dis is @ibabytk u litt dont worry about them haters out here u da best i belive in u famm keep yo head up rapping is a passion if u ant with it u ant about it dat wat u got to say to people frfr and even if u feed up you gatta keep yo head up #dattwayy

  2. Hello I would love to have a full day with you,you are so cute you can rap and I just what to get to learn you more my uncle what yo see you rap he would like to email you some time my uncle is name is meek mills I know you know him I’m telling the truth keep it a 100%you can email me at any time I would answer jalayabadhir16@gamil.com

  3. It dont matter to me if i win i just wanna give you a shoutout for being at a certain age and able to maintain rapping i mean i write my raps and rap them in my room but look at you we the same age and u on the rap game and im at home…This a big opportunity u can’t let no one ruin it for you because people are trying and they coming hard for you dont let them get in your way. Be the world greatest not the world most hated. But i would love to meet you and i never been to Atlanta and i wanna do a rap with you. Love you 😘😍💯❤👑🙈🔥❣

  4. Hey I’m Makayla Carter King Roscoe 👑 I would love to spend time with you and your beautiful Mother just to give you confidence on the Rap Game I think you will be the next winner Hope you good luck and hope to see you and your mother

  5. I really hope I won’t this contest I’ve been listening to Roscoe since day 1 his so gs are fire and I hope you win the rap game season 3!!!

  6. I should win the contest because i always thought about rapping, and having a chance to be on the rap game just like KingRoscoe. He’s really a big impact in my life because he’s young following his dreams and one day i hope i could do the same. He’s made for the rap game and one day i hope i would be made for it. I really would like to get some tips on rapping and i see him every eposide being dedicated to the game. I want to spend a day with him so i can achieve my dream which is rapping.

  7. Dear King Roscoe,
    I am your biggest fan i seen you since you were little. You have good flow and got the swag and style i hope you win the rap game. I pray for you king roscoe. Sometimes you got me jumpin when you be rapping.
    I should win because i think that your amazing at what you do.
    From Kyle woods
    To king roscoe

  8. Finnished. HEY ROSCOE! I wish you the best of luck bro! You truly deserve to win that chain on the rap game because you can rap,you’ve been throght some struggles but decided to get back up and never give up.You are a Legend! We go to school together at Kipp Ways Academy in Atlanta! I wish the best.God bless you.Hope i win. #teamroscoe

  9. King Roscoe is blessed which he already knows. he even had my dad watching this show. Kung Roscoe just let God take the wheel because even if you don’t when guess what? Your still a gift from God. Don’t give up..keep pushing..your hilourious😂😂

  10. I should win because I live King roscoe and have 15 printed posters of him and I have a customized phone case to of him and he’s “tha King sucka” I live him and adore you

  11. I lowkey just want a T-shirt. But if i were to win, then great, I have a lot of questions for a music artists like you, and maybe some advice from you could help.

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